Central Florida smoke shops react to bong ban law

Law makes it illegal to knowingly, willfully sell drug paraphernalia

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Local smoke shop owners are sounding off as the bong ban goes into effect on July 1 in Florida.

Lawmakers saw the anti-bong law is intended to cut down on drug use by making it illegal to knowingly and willfully sell drug paraphernalia.

Shops tell Local 6 they've never sold items intended for use so they won't be making any changes.

One shop owner said if anyone ever came in asking for a bong they wouldn't get it. But if the customer asks for a water pipe, used to smoke tobacco, they would.

"Just logically speaking, lots of common objects to can be used to do illegal things doesn't necessarily mean they need to be banned," said resident Paul Gindlesperger.

Shops violating the ordinance the first time could be arrested for a first-degree misdemeanor. Shops in violation for a second offense could be charged with a third-degree felony.

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