Charlie Crist makes campaign stop in Orlando

Crist runs for governor

ORLANDO, Fla. - The governor's race took center stage in Orlando on Wednesday.

Charlie Crist, former Republican governor, now the leading Democrat trying to unseat Gov. Rick Scott, didn't hold back when speaking in Orlando.

Crist talked about what he'd do with the $77 billion budget, the largest in state history, now on Scott's desk.

He said he'd use some of the money to take back the tuition increase he instituted when he was in office.

"If you have revenues like that, you can give the money to universities out of those revenues that you're already getting and you could probably have the opportunity to lower tuition," he said.

While Scott said he'll veto the bill that would have raised speed limits on local interstates and the Florida Turnpike, Crist doesn't see a problem with voters driving a little faster.

"It seems to me if citizens want to go 75 miles per hour and they're safe and they wear seat belts, and all that, I don't have a problem with it," he said.

Republican Rep. Mike La Rosa says Crist is focused on getting elected, not on the people.

"I think he's looking at numbers and looking at people of the state of Florida as numbers and not truly as citizens. He needs to address their needs, not what party affiliation they're about," he said.

Crist says he hasn't given any thought as to who he'll have as his running mate, he says for now he's focused on his opponent.

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