Children removed from home covered in filth

Yolander Lasane 45, charged with child neglect

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Four children were removed from what officials called "horrific conditions" Tuesday.

Police were called to the home of Yolander Lasane, 45, where a Department of Children and Family worker, Jessica Lasaga, informed police that she was concerned about one of the children who had not been home in three weeks.

However, Lasane, mother of the children ages 17, 15, 12, 9 and 5, never reported the girl missing.

Neighbor Eddie Travis told officials he saw Lasane kick the missing child out of the house, telling her to never come back. Travis said she would be better off never coming back and that the kids should be removed as well.

Officials reported that the DCF worker could not render her services due to the biohazard conditions of the home and animal control was forced to remove all of the animals.

Officials reported the home had feces all over the floors, doors and walls. Additionally, doors throughout the house were covered in insects, the carpet was soaked in urine and the toilet, sink and bathtub were not working in the main bathroom.

Officials also found that none of the children's rooms had working lights or air conditioning and all of their beds were uncovered mattresses that were crawling with bugs.

Lasane's room was found to be the most livable, officials reported, being vastly better than children's, but still covered in filth and human waste.

Lasane told officials that pain in her knees prevents her from cleaning and causes her trouble when walking.

Lasane also told police the "missing child" was "trouble" and had been "sleeping around," and that she didn't think it was necessary to report her missing.

That child met with officials, and told them her mom threw her out and that she had been staying with a friend. She told police when she went back to the house to get her things they had been thrown away or burned.

DCF removed all of the children from the home; they will go to into Child Protective services before an uncle will take temporary custody.

One child told officials he wanted a new family. He also told officials he hadn't been to the dentist in some time and his teeth were bothering him. Police reported there were visible holes in his teeth and broken shards of tooth sticking out of his gums.

Police said the children are lacking physical hygiene and were parenting themselves, eating cold food out of cans and not receiving proper medical care.

Lasane was arrested without incident and charged with five cases of neglect of a child with great bodily harm.

DCF continues to actively working this case.

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