Chilly weather blankets Central Florida

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO - As temperatures fell into the 40s and 30s across Central Florida, many people were surprised by such a dramatic drop so early in the fall.

High school football fans in Seminiole County were bundled up with coats, blankets and scarves preparing for a frigid Florida night.

The Lyman/University-Orange City game was one of several happening across Central Florida Monday night after being canceled on Friday due to Hurricane Sandy.

"It's just freezing out here," said Brittany Pendle.

Debbie Robertson said, "We're not used to that here in Florida this time of year."

"It's too early. I didn't sign up for this," said Michelle Tamir. "And I used to be a New Yorker and my blood really did get thin, I don't care what they say."

"When it gets into the 30's then I'll be cold," said Mike Stull.

Stull is one of just a few people we found dining outside Monday night along Winter Park's Park Avenue, an area normally bustling with business.

"Usually, first night that it drops, we tend to be a little bit slower, but after the weather's been a little chilly for a couple days then people get used to it and they come back out. They just dress a little warmer and sit inside towards the back," said Kayla Houghtaling, a server at 310 Park South on Park Avenue.

But not everyone is unhappy as temperatures plunge, possibly setting a new record low.

"We like the cold weather so he said to me tonight, 'you want to go out to Winter Park and walk around, it's nice and chilly,'" said Pam Jennings.

Local 6 called several school districts, they all said it will be business as usual Tuesday morning with no plans to heat up the busses earlier.

Although temperatures are expected in the 40's, the Coalition for the Homeless has not declared Monday night a "cold night," which means people seeking shelter will still have to pay to get in, $1 for men, $2 for women.

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