Chupacabra sighting puts neighbors on alert

Texas man snaps photo of mysterious animal

HOUSTON - Neighbors are on alert after the third sighting of a mystery animal lurking around Houston in the past couple of days.

At least one man is convinced it isn't your average coyote, but rather the legendary chupacabra.

"Big long pointy ears. Long tail, had no skin, or no fur rather," Scott Black described, "But you could see splotches of gray."

Black snapped pictures of the animal after he spotted it several times outside his back door.

After reviewing the photos, an animal control expert believes there could be a legitimate explanation for this mysterious animal. The physical characteristics appearĀ  to be a possible combination of several species.

"People are actually inbreeding the animals and letting them go and claiming that they're catching them," explained animal expert Claude Griffin.

Griffin said there is a higher number of exotic pet owners in the Houston area than many people realize.

According to Animal Planet, the chupacabra got its name more than a decade ago after an unidentified predator attacked goats and sheep in a Chilean mining town.

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