Citrus Bowl lower level to be demolished

City officials discuss bowl's reconstruction

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Florida Citrus Bowl is headed for a major overhaul taking it from a worn out structure built in the 1930s to a slick updated stadium.

City officials are calling it a reconstruction rather than a renovation.

"Actually I'm almost saying it's a new stadium," said Allen Johnson, the city of Orlando's director of venues told Local 6.

The only part that will be salvaged is the upper bowl, but 80 percent of the stadium will be rebuilt.

"When we finish it, most people will not be able to recognize it from the inside or outside," Johnson said.

The timeline is aggressive, but does accommodate the Florida Classic and the big bowl games that are popular in the winter.

Preliminary construction would start in November of this year, with the full demolition happening in February of 2014.

The first event will be the Florida Classic in 2014, and the finishing touches will be in place by April of 2015.

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