City of Orlando to ticket Uber drivers not in compliance with 'vehicle for hire' code

10 tickets issued so far, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. - The popular ride-sharing service Uber has been in Orlando for three weeks, but it's already coming under fire by the mayor.

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Uber met with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Wednesday to address future operations after it launched three weeks ago.

Dyer sent a memo to the city commission last week, reading "ride-share services fall within the definition of 'vehicles for hire,' and must be appropriately permitted and otherwise conform to the requirements of the code in order to operate lawfully within the Orlando city limits."

Dyer said until Uber comes into compliance with the city's vehicle for hire ordinance, drivers will be ticketed and their vehicles will be impounded.

Ten tickets have been issued so far by Orlando police.

The service allows customers to download an app on their phones that then connects them with drivers in the area who give them rides in their own cars for free.

A company spokesman for Mears, the largest taxi service in Orlando, said Mears isn't upset by the competition for Uber, but want the competition to be fair, with the new service paying the same taxes and fees as Mears does.

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