Civil attorney says lawsuits are trapping Casey Anthony in Central Fla.

Anthony files for bankruptcy; Could be cleared from civil lawsuits

ORLANDO, Fla. - The civil attorney for Casey Anthony, who filed bankruptcy documents on Friday, told Local 6 on Monday that Anthony is trapped in Central Florida because of the lawsuits filed against her.

"Her ability to move is restricted by the lawsuits," said attorney Charles Greene. "She has to be accessible to me."

Recent photos obtained by Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO show Anthony spending her time with her legal team and the occasional trip to the beach. Although it's not clear where Anthony is staying, People Magazine reported Anthony is at a condo in Cape Canaveral.

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Local 6 spoke to some residents at the Ocean Woods Condominiums who said they have seen a woman resembling Anthony on the property.

"She walks a dog, she usually has a body guard with her," said Monica Vandevender. "My husband has seen her out here before too."

Although it's not confirmed Anthony is living in that Cape Canaveral condo, in Anthony's video diary, which surfaced in late 2011, Anthony said she adopted a dog.

Anthony hasn't been able to work since her July 2011 acquittal of the death of her daughter, and Greene says that by filing for bankruptcy, Anthony hopes she can move away and find a job.

"She's a virtual prisoner still by her circumstances," Greene said. "She can't work at McDonald's because people would be looking at her instead of the menu."

If a bankruptcy judge approves Anthony's claim, Anthony may still owe the IRS more than $68,000 in taxes for money she made selling her daughter's photos. But other debts, like the nearly $146,000 she owes the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the $500,000 she owes Attorney Jose Baez could be forgiven.

With the bankruptcy, all the lawsuits are immediately put on hold, including the defamation case filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, which was recently postponed. 

"After it was continued, we sat back and said 'Can we take another year of this?'" Greene said.

Any plaintiff of an unresolved lawsuit who believes they should be eligible for money would need to put in a request with the bankruptcy court.  If the bankruptcy court sides with the plaintiff, Greene believes the trial will be held in bankruptcy court, instead of state court where it was originally filed.

In addition to being sued by Gonzalez, Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found her daughter's body, and by Texas EquuSeach, which helped looked for Caylee Anthony are also suing Casey Anthony.

Gonzalez's attorney Matt Morgan says the bankruptcy filing won't stop him from seeking damages from Anthony for his client.

"We're going to get justice. We're going to have Casey Anthony held accountable and we're not gonna let her get off easy," Morgan said.

Morgan told Local 6 he believes he can convince the bankruptcy judge that their lawsuit should continue, even if the trial is held in bankruptcy court instead of state court.

"Casey Anthony does not want to talk us, but she will have to," he said. "And if she doesn't she'll be held in contempt of court."

Morgan also said he believes his client should get the proceeds from Anthony if she were to profit in the future.

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Earlier this week, the 5th District Court of Appeal set aside two of the four convictions Casey Anthony faced for lying to detectives during the investigation into her missing 2-year-old daughter.

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