Clean-up begins after Monday's storms

Trees knocked over in neighborhood

WINTER PARK, Fla. - The cleanup begins Monday after the storms tore apart screen porches and knocked over trees. At least four homes were damaged in Winter Park, the worst appeared to be at a home on Lake Mira Drive.

Broken and twisted metal floating in the pool is all that's all that's left of the Dooley's screened enclosure.

"After Charlie happened, we thought their never would be anything like that again, but in a shorter period of time, this is worse," said Susan Dooley.

The quick, but powerful storm, moved through their neighborhood, and in just five minutes left them with a ruined enclosure and a tree in their front yard.

"We think we had a mini tornado," said Charles Dooley. "It was horrific, the noise sounded like a fright train."

The couple said they were in their kitchen when they heard a clap of lightening and gusting winds and rain.

"The next thing I knew, everything was hitting the house. The water came in under the sliding glass door, everything was hitting the back of the house."

Just two houses away another pool enclosure was destroyed by the storm.

As people pick up the debris in their yards, the Dooley's say they're stuck waiting on their insurance to come through.

"Its sickening because you don't know how the insurance is going to pay off. I hope they're there when you need them."

Rain is in the forecast for Tuesday with a 50 percent chance at 4 p.m. as temperatures reach 92 degrees.

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