College Park homes targeted by thieves

Head of neighborhood watch: 22 documented burglaries in city since Nov. 25

COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - Police are investigating after a man kicked down the door and forced his way inside a College Park home.

The incident happened Tuesday on Yale Street in College Park near Princeton Street and Orange Blossom Trail.

As head of the neighborhood watch, Bertie Hunt keeps track of all the crimes in her area including Tuesday's brazen break-in.

According to Hunt, there have been 22 documented burglaries since Nov. 25 in College Park.

Zack Geoff, 19, was home alone and heard his front door being kicked in then chased the intruder out of his house.

Geoff said their getaway car, a red Saturn with peel paint, was parked up the driveway, close to the house. They peeled out, leaving skid marks as evidence.

It's descriptions like that which help Hunt keep her website updated.

College park N.I.C.S stands for Neighborhood Internet Crime Spotters. It sends e-mail blasts to subscribers of when and where crimes occur.

Meanwhile, other families in the neighborhood are trying to make the best of the holiday after packages were stolen right off their front porches on Northumberland Avenue.

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