College Park landlord arrested in connection with man's death; 2nd man sought

Orlando police search for Xin Liu

ORLANDO, Fla. - Authorities have identified the man who was found dead in a College Park apartment.

Police said on Tuesday that James Clark, 56, was found dead in an apartment on Princeton Avenue.

The  landlord of a man wanted in connection with a homicide was arrested late Tuesday on charges of accessory to murder after the fact.

Jeremy John Hrabal, 37, of Orlando, was arrested after an investigation into the death.

Orlando police arrested Xin Liu as well, in connection with the death.

According to police, Hrabal called authorities on Tuesday, saying he discovered a body in the apartment of Liu, a tenant of a duplex owned by Hrabal,

Hrabal told police that his other tenant, who lives above Liu, started complaining of a foul odor about five days ago, comparing the smell to a "dead animal."

Hrabal later questioned Liu about the odor and Liu said the smell was being caused by dead rats, according to police.

Orlando police said Hrabal claimed that Liu told him "many days ago" that Liu had returned home to find a man standing over a body in his apartment.  Liu said the man was holding a gun and a three-pound hammer.  According to Hrabal, Liu also said the the man told him that he would kill him and his family if he told anyone about the incident, a police report stated.

According to a police report, Hrabal admitted to investigators that he helped clean up evidence and conceal the death, saying he wanted to help Liu to give him a "fair shot."

Hrabal said he helped Liu remove the vehicle belonging to the man found standing over the body and drove it to his house, according to police.

Liu's mother said Hrabal and her son stopped at her house to inform her about the body and she said she thought it was "odd" that Hrabal was doing all the talking, according to police.

Orlando police also said Hrabal and his wife removed their vehicles from their property to prevent them from being searched by authorities.

Police said after obtaining a search warrant, diluted blood was found in the bathroom tub and kitchen.

Police said Hrabal was arrested on suspicion that he played a vital role in removing evidence in the hours after learning about the homicide.

Liu was escorted out of the back of Orlando Police Headquarters at approximately 7:15 p.m. Wednesday and transported to jail.

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