Concerns raised over SunRail crash intersection

Crash intersection obstructs views, FDOT says it is aware

MAITLAND, Fla. - The Maitland intersection where a SunRail train crashed into a car earlier this week has obstructed views, and the Florida Department of Transportation says it is aware.

"I just believe its one of the most dangerous intersections in Maitland, because you have to be on the tracks to see to the left to get out of there," Therese Fitzgerald, who lives a block away from the intersection told Local 6. "I won't even use that intersection."

On Monday, 28-year-old Kristen Taylor's car stalled on the tracks on Packwood Avenue near Maitland Avenue. 

She jumped to safety just moments before the train plowed into her car.

Theres no traffic light at the intersection, there is a stop sign for drivers traveling Westbound.

However, when you stop at the stop bar, you're too far back to see crossing traffic coming down Maitland Avenue.

It causes many drivers to pull past the stop bar.  Sometimes the cars end up sitting on the tracks, which is illegal and dangerous.

Steve Olson with the Florida Department of Transportation agreed it is a problem.

"There appears to be a sight line issue at that intersection," he said.

The obstruction is caused by a large electrical box which sits on the south side of Packwood Avenue.

"We're alerting our people to it, and I think there might be some discussions with the owner of that box," Olson said.

He also says the department has been considering upgrades to the intersection since before Monday's crash.

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