Confederate Flag License Plates OK'd

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Had Sued Over License Plates 2 Years Ago

ORLANDO, Fla. - In Florida, drivers have dozens of options when it comes to their license plates: They can support wildlife, a favorite college, the Orlando Magic or even proclaim opposition to abortion.


One option they don't have -- the Confederate flag -- has been at the center of a heated debate in the state for years. Lawmakers don't think it's appropriate. But a federal judge has ruled otherwise.

The judge ruled that the flag falls under guidelines of the "specialty plate" program, which is considered a forum of free speech.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans filed a lawsuit two years ago after the Legislature and the Department of Motor Vehicles didn't approve a plate that features Confederate flags and coats worn by Florida Confederate soldiers.

The judge's order does not completely clear the way for the plate to be created. The group will now have to go back and ask lawmakers to sign off on it.

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