Convicted burglars star in 'tell all' video

Three convicted burglars doing time in Ohio for home break-ins are sharing insider tricks of the trade to help homeowners prepare for a potential burglary.

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Police say they are living proof burglaries depend on bad home security.

Joel says everything from basement windows to unlocked back doors provided easy
access for his thefts.

" A lot of people think second story windows don't need to be locked, lock them too," he says.

The trio agreed to take part in a Columbus Police Department YouTube video to provide real life experience used to expose the mistakes they look for to burglarize a home.

William says the security signs posted in front yards are usually "a decoy" that never slow him down.

He also suggests that neighbors be aware of people that don't seem familiar.
"Pay attention," he says.

The convicts agree homeowners should: Close window blinds when leaving the house, install dead bolts buy an alarm system and regularly test it. Finally, they say, get a visible security camera system.

Orlando Police Department's Lt. Darron Esan says he has seen residents leave expensive items on a screened porch in plain view.

That's just one of the many mistakes he has seen as night shift Watch Commander.

"Unfortunately ,if we stuck a pin in a map where property crimes occur the map would be covered with pins," Esan said. 

Joel, serving time for several burglaries offers the best advice, saying "If I had something I didn't want nobody to see ‘cause I don't want it stolen, I'm going to keep it hidden."

Police also suggest using websites like The free site allows you to register an inventory of your home goods, including photos, models and serial numbers.

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