Cops: 911 calls released in husband stabbing his wife

Wife taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries

DELTONA, Fla. - The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has released the 911 calls detailing the events leading up to a man stabbing his wife in their Deltona home, according to deputies.

Sheriffs said Abel Franco allegedly stabbed his wife, Waleska Franco, eight times with a kitchen knife inside her home on Sable Avenue in the Dupont Lake neighborhood of Deltona.

Investigators on the scene told Local 6 Abel had been drinking, and started screaming at his wife. Waleska called 911 shortly before 6:00 pm Thursday and said her husband was being loud and had a knife.

"While the victim was on 911, she made a comment that the suspect was arming himself with a knife. Our dispatcher could actually hear some screaming," said Lt. Sean Gowan. "At that point, the suspect was stabbing the victim multiple times."

In the calls released Friday, Franco's son told dispatchers heard his stepfather's attack on his mom and called 911 again saying he heard his mothers screams while he was watching TV. He rushed in and saw blood on the walls, he told dispatchers.

In the call, a moment later you can hear another man's voice, possibly Franco... yelling at the son.

Police said Waleska will be kept overnight at the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She reportedly was stabbed six or seven times, four times in the back, one on the elbow and also stabbed on her side.

Abel has been put into custody, facing attempted murder charges.

Neighbors speak out

MaBelle Lewis of Deltona said she can't believe she didn't hear screams coming from her neighbor's house.

"It was quiet, all afternoon," said Lewis. "I was out here with my grand kids and we didn't hear anything."

Neighbors told Local 6 the Francos recently moved into the neighborhood and kept to themselves.

"Something like this, it's incomprehensible, because you just never know," said A. Ferrer, a neighbor.

Deputies said this was the first time they have been called to the house.

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