Cops: Fake 'fed' attacked drivers at gunpoint

64-year-old man arrested in Melbourne Beach

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MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. - Brevard County Sheriff's deputies said a man posed as a federal agent when he stopped two vehicles and held the drivers at gunpoint in Melbourne Beach, according to Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

The incident occurred late Sept. 11 on State Road A1A near River Villa Way.

According to an arrest report, Richard U. Young, 64, stopped two vehicles, told the people inside he was a "fed," and showed them a badge.

"(Young) ordered two individuals out of their vehicle at gunpoint," the arrest report reads. "When the driver of the vehicle demanded closer examination of his badge and identification, the defendant reached inside the vehicle punching the driver with his right hand of the (driver's jaw)."

The suspect took off, but deputies found him just more than three hours later at a 7-Eleven. "The defendant stated he had approached a vehicle which almost hit his vehicle and believes someone there was drunk," the report reads.

Young was arrested on charges of armed burglary of a conveyance, aggravated assault, falsely impersonating an officer and battery.

He has since bonded out of jail and has been scheduled to appear in court for arraignment Oct. 11.

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