Cops: Security officer burglarizes downtown Orlando apartment

Woman watches man break into her apartment, steal her purse

ORLANDO, Fla. - A man has been arrested after police say a woman saw him break into her apartment at a downtown Orlando highrise and steal her purse-- all while dressed as a security guard.

Nelson Simmons, 32, was wearing a security uniform and told police he worked for Securamerica.

Police said he broke into the 15th floor apartment of two women early Saturday morning and stole her purse as she watched from her bedroom, police said.

When police found Simmons, he had a lock in a sock for a weapon, along with the victim's wallet, small Coach wristlet purse and about $400.

Simmons has been arrested and charged with the burglary. He is also being investigated for similar burglaries police believe may be related.

According to an Orlando police, Simmons' work phone was returned to Securamerica but the owner of the company, John Adams, said Simmons quit several months ago. Adams said they are investigating to find out what equipment he returned when he quit.

Local 6 spoke to one of the victims in the burglary, who said it was a frightening experience.

Saturday's break-in is the latest in a series of break-ins at 55 West. In November 2011, Local 6 interviewed a woman who said someone broke into her home in the middle of the night. Police are still investigating if the two crimes are related.

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