Cops: Worker Took Pictures Of Women Changing Clothes

Woman Discovered Camera Pointing Under Changing-Room Stall

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police are searching for women who may have been victims of a video voyeur and not even know it.


Police said a women's clothing store employee took pictures of at least five women as they took off their clothes in dressing rooms at the upscale Mall at Millenia.

Police arrested Andrae Comer, 28, and charged him with one count of misdemeanor video voyeurism after a woman called police on Jan. 23. The woman said she asked Comer to let her into a dressing room at Express to try on clothes. She said she caught Comer holding a camera phone under her stall door as she was trying on a pair of pants.

"That's a real disgrace," said mall shopper Sandy Fisher. "That's a big invasion of privacy, and the fact that it's happening at a high-class mall like this, it could be happening anywhere."

The woman who allegedly caught Comer in the act complained to the store manager. Police said Comer said he didn't do anything and told police he just dropped his phone and was picking it up. Police said a computer expert looked at Comer's phone and discovered at least five pictures of semi-nude women.

The thought that there could be more candid pictures of other women makes Express shoppers like Keonia Maples worry about the next time she steps into a dressing room.

"It would make me a lot more conscious of when I'm in a dressing room changing clothes," she said. "But, oh wow, that's sick."

While police continue to search for any other victims, Comer is free on bond.

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