Couple finds diamond wedding ring in frozen pipes

Ring lost by previous owners five years ago

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CHICAGO - The frustration of fixing frozen pipes led to a joyous and surprising outcome for a couple who had just moved to Chicago.

Tara Catogge and Ian Comes realized they had a problem with the pipes in their new home when the water stopped working in their upstairs bathroom.

"We panicked because we're not originally from Chicago and we really don't have a lot of experience," Catogge told WGN.

When Comes started to fix the pipes, a dirty diamond and sapphire wedding band fell out.

"It just popped out," Comes told WGN. "I'm amazed that it's been there."

"It looked old and important to somebody," Catogge said.

The couple tracked down the previous homeowners in Colorado and discovered Louise and Randy Hearne had lost the ring 5 years ago.

"He just kept gasping," Catogge told WGN.

Catogge and Comes sent the ring back to the Hearnes, just in time for their 40th wedding anniversary.

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