Couple finds puppy in garbage bag at South Florida park

By Jacey Birch - Anchor/Animal Advocate

IMPERIAL POINT, Fla. - A couple walking in a dog park Monday night found the last thing they expected to see in a garbage bag -- a 10-week-old puppy.

"How could somebody take a helpless animal that has no voice and just abandon it?" said Amy Roman. "There's no compassion there, it's heartbreaking."

WPLG reports the less than 5-pound puppy was thrown out like trash, but is otherwise considerably healthy. She was saved and taken to a veterinarian.

"Gums are a little pale, she's probably got worms, got a little hernia, a little umbilical hernia, heart sounds good, no murmurs, got a little infection in this ear, (but) we can take care of that," said Dr. Bob Buzzetti, with VCA Imperial Point Animal Hospital. "Other than that, she looks pretty good, pretty healthy dog."

The pup, now named Victoria, is expected to be medicated, spayed and received all of her vaccinations so that she will be ready for adoption within a few days.

"She's going to get the best home ever," said Vet Technician Sylvain Portal. "She will never be in a garbage bag, or whatever kind of bag, abandoned again."

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