Couple ties knot near raging wildfire

Wedding party told to evacuate or speed up ceremony

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

BEND, Oregon - An Oregon couple almost had to put their wedding on hold after a wildfire threatened to interrupt their ceremony five minutes before it began.

The wedding was temporarily canceled because firefighters said the flames were just six miles away.

"You get to the final minute before it was going to happen to have everything feel like it was falling apart," groom Michael Wolber said.  "It was a pretty crazy reality to be in."

Then, love conquered all.  Park officials let Michael and April Wolber tie the knot under one condition: that they move quickly.

After a 20-minute ceremony sealed with a kiss, the couple was pronounced man and wife.

While guests evacuated to a backup reception location in another park, the wedding photographer captured the heat of the moment between the newlyweds and the fast-moving inferno.

Needless to say, if love is a raging fire, Michael and April Wolber are off to a great start.

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