Court administrators prepared for protestors at George Zimmerman trial

Administrators say people will be allowed to protest, but can't block courthouse traffic

SANFORD, Fla. - Court administrators say they are prepared for protestors at the Seminole County Courthouse when the George Zimmerman trial starts next month.

Administrators said people will be allowed their constitutional right to protest, but they will not be allowed to block courthouse traffic.

Five other trials are also scheduled the same week.

Designated zones will be set up for protestors to guarantee business at the courthouse will be uninterrupted.

Court administrators said they are finalizing the plans and will release them publicly once the chief judge signs the order.

"I think they're doing the right thing to be proactive in case there is an emotional outbreak," said Ray Sands, a central Florida resident.

The Sanford Police Department has been preparing for months, but the department was so heavily criticized for its handling of the shooting investigation, they are hesitant to talk preparations publicly.

People like Carmen Colon says they should.

"So people can be aware of what's going to happen," Colon said.

While police won't address plans, they have to be prepared for the worst. Online extremists are asking for thousands of people to show up at the trial to protest.

"Everybody is expecting the trial, so I hope everything is in peace and there is no problem," Colon said.

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