Court records: Orlando officer had sex with arrested woman at police substation

Officer Roderick Johnson booked into Orange County Jail

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando police veteran was arrested by his fellow officers after court records show he had sex with a woman he arrested.

Officer Roderick Johnson was arrested Monday after a month-long investigation by Orlando police.

While in jail, his accuser told a guard that her arresting officer sexually battered her before he took her to the Orange County Jail. Local 6 isn't identifying the 22-year-old woman, who has previously been convicted of prostitution.

According to court records, Johnson took the woman to the OPD substation on Orange Center Boulevard and made her perform sexual acts. The victim said Johnson threw $40 at her afterward and said, "Now that you have a little bit of money in your pocket and you got some (expletive) too, you can go to the jail happy."

The officer's accuser only came forward several days after her arrest, said Police Chief Paul Rooney, who added that she was examined and Johnson was interviewed. The evidence gathered was enough for prosecutors to charge him with two counts of sexual battery by a law enforcement officer.

Clerk records show the incident occurred on Oct. 16.

His head covered by a towel, Johnson said nothing to reporters as he walked out of jail, surrounded by corrections officers. According to court records, Johnson first said she was never inside the police substation, but then said she went in to use the bathroom when investigators warned Johnson of possibly finding the woman's fingerprints.

Johnson also denied buying the victim a cigar to smoke while she was handcuffed at the gas station, even though a clerk told deputies he sold one to Johnson, according to the records. Johnson also said he destroyed a small bag of marijuana he found inside the woman's car, but detectives later found what they believe were the same drugs in his patrol car.

The victim told investigators she believes the officer didn't recommend criminal charges for marijuana possession because of the battery. According to the records, the victim said the officer offered to pay her $100 to "hook up" with him when she got out of jail.

Johnson's longtime friend and bail bondsman, Ellis Daniley, escorted him to a waiting truck and said, "He just got caught up.  I just believe he was too nice in this situation."

When asked if Johnson knew the victim, Daniley replied, "Yeah, he knows everybody.  I think she's just looking to try to seek some investments, something to come up with this bogus lie."

Johnson's 20 years with OPD have been rocky.

He was suspended in 2009 after a 15-year-old boy said Johnson slapped him in the face.  He was also disciplined after losing a laptop and trashing his apartment. And most recently, a Local 6 investigation caught Johnson repeatedly speeding 90 mph or more in his patrol car, just to get home.

Despite the series of problems, friends stand by Johnson.

"I don't believe it. I still don't believe it," said longtime friend Ronald Parramore. "He's always been the best to me, and the best around people. I've never seen him treat anybody wrong."

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