Crews finish paving work on I-4 at Fairbanks curve

Road work caused traffic delays over weekend

ORLANDO, Fla. - Construction workers have finished repaving a dangerous stretch of Interstate 4 known as the Fairbanks curve.

Over the weekend, two westbound lanes were closed between Lee Road and Fairbanks, which caused delays for some drivers.

The work was the second part of a two-phase project.  The latest phase involved laying down an asphalt surface, called an overlay, which went directly on top of the concrete surface.

Florida Department of Transportation officials said the new asphalt should make the road less slippery during wet weather.

The project cost an estimated $377,000 and runs between Lee Road and Fairbanks Avenue.

The Fairbanks curve is known for being extremely dangerous, especially when it rains.

"It had just started raining (and) cars put on their brakes in front of me. I stopped in time, the guy behind me didn't," said motorist Brad Long, who was recently involved in a crash in the area. "But he bumped me into the car in front of me, too."

"I hate to drive and I hate driving on scary roads and these people are going crazy," said motorist Connie Yanesh.

Earlier this year, the Florida Department of Transportation spent $220,000 to add a 130-foot drain as well as grooves into the road. Officials said they hoped it would keep water from piling up, but instead, wrecks continued to pile up.

"Well, it's just horrible. I mean, I'm glad I'm not in the accident for one thing and it's just terrible," said motorist Marilee Arrow.

"They got to do what they got to do. It's just a terrible spot of road that, like I said, I'll avoid driving every chance I get," said Long.

"Any way they can make roads safer, I think they should. I would gladly give them extra tax dollars if that's what it took," said Yanesh.

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