Crews repair road near Clermont mudslide

Mudslide bursts through Clermont home during storms

CLERMONT, Fla. - Crews are back in Clermont on Thursday cleaning up a mudslide that burst through a home Tuesday night, bringing more than 3 feet of sludge into the duplex.

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The area of State Road 50 that backs up to Sunnyside Drive was reopened on Thursday afternoon after Florida Department of Transportation workers were testing to make sure the ground underneath the road was stable. Workers also put down new sod to prevent more mud from getting washed down into the house.

FDOT said the mudslide was triggered by flash flooding on State Road 50, which sits about 30 feet above the house. The storm drains, which were built in the 60s and 70s, are designed to handle a 3-year flood, but Tuesday night's storm was a 50-year flood event.

More mud slid off the incline and piled up against the house on Wednesday night as rain continued to fall, but not as severely as the Tuesday night mud.

Myriam Florido and her husband rent the home and the property management group that rents out the duplex, Exit Realty in Clermont, is collecting donations to help the couple. The couple is staying at a hotel until they can placed in a new house.

Neighbor Cherokee Moore said she's never seen significant flooding on the stretch of SR 50, even during hurricanes. She said she believes the Department of Transportation should upgrade the stormwater drainage system.

"They need to update it," Moore said. "I think they need to update it where it can handle the water so this doesn't happen again."

Officials said they will be examining the drainage system.

Several insurance companies are working together to figure out who will dig the mug out of the house and begin repairs.

The tenants didn't have renter's insurance and it's not clear if the mudslide is covered under homeowner's insurance. Most homeowners policies don't cover mudslides and require separately purchased insurance. Flood insurance will cover "mudflow," which is mud carried by water, usually from a river or stream. Generally, if a hillside collapses it's classified as a mudslide instead of a mudflow.

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