Cross-dressing man attacks car full of women in Orlando

Police search for man who threw rocks at vehicle

ORLANDO, Fla. - A man wearing a wig, blue dress and silver knee-high boots took his anger out a car full of women Tuesday, throwing a rock through their window, and it was all caught on camera. It happened near the intersection of North Orange Blossom Trail and West Colonial.

[PICS: Cross-dresser sought | AUDIO: 911 call reports assault]

Local 6 got the video from one of the victims, Corisca Cleveland, who didn't want to talk on camera. She said she was in fear for her life after the man, who was dressed as a woman, threw pieces of rock, shattering the passenger front window.

Orlando police said the cross-dressing man tried to pick a fight with the three women inside the car after they refused to give him a ride. After exchanging words, he even threw a drink on the windshield.

The driver was able to get away initially, but just a block later the man caught up to them near the intersection and that's when he threw the rocks, almost hitting the people inside.

The man walked away from the scene before police arrived.

Local 6 showed the video to drivers in the same area.

"It's scary, its scary," said Connie Smith. " My first reaction, I would be angry, but is definitely a cry for help."

A stranger behind the car videotaped the incident and gave it to Cleveland and the others in the car to give to police.

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