Dad says students threatened his twin sons on Facebook

Rock Lake Middle School officials implement 'no contact contract' between students

LONGWOOD, Fla. - A Longwood father says his 11-year-old twin sons have been threatened by fellow students at their middle school and he believes the school isn't doing enough to stop it.

Scott Dixon tells Local 6 he's concerned about his 11 year old boys' safety after he says they received threats from other students at Rock Lake Middle School because his sons reported possible drug possession.

"I'm sorry, (but) if somebody is threatening another student's life, it would be my No. 1 priority," Dixon said.

Dixon said his sons reported that other students were in possession of marijuana and, according to the police report, the school resource officer investigated but found no drugs.

Dixon said threats started appearing on Facebook, including comments such as, "We're feeding them to the hogs and grinding up their teeth," and, "I'm shoving bamboo down the fingernails and stabbing them slowly while they scream."

"These are sadistic comments," said Dixon. "These are comments that not a normal 11-year-old that has a disagreement is going to make."

Since the posts, school officials said they implemented a no-contact contract for all of the students and say they have no evidence the contract has been violated. The school says if there is a violation of the contract, "disciplinary action will be taken, including suspensions."

Dixon said that's not enough.

"What if these threats were made against the principal, or the superintendent, would they still be handling it in the same respect that they're handling it now?" he said. "I don't think so because then it would be deemed credible."

The school says the boys' absences have been excused so far, but if they continue they will be unexcused. 

The district said the director of safety has an appointment to meet with the parents next week.

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