Dad's reaction to son's grades: 'Is this real?'

Son earned passing grade in math

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UNITED KINGDOM - It's a reaction many parents can relate to. A boy recorded his father's ecstatic, emotional reaction to his passing grades.


On YouTube, the boy explained he had been failing math for a year and needed to earn a C in his class to pass.

"In England, you need a C to basically do anything with your life," the boy writes.

In the video, the boy sets up a hidden camera in his kitchen and tells his dad he needs to talk about something from school.

Once the dad unfolds his son's report card, he is left stunned.

"Is this real?" he shouts. "Is this real? My God!"

The boy's dad is moved to tears after finding out his son earned a C. He hugs his son, proclaiming, "I can't believe this!"

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