Daisy Lynum drops Orlando City Commission re-election bid

Son Juan Lynum announces candidacy for city commissioner of District 5

By Erik von Ancken - Anchor/Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Longtime Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum will not run for re-election, making way for her son, who is vying for her seat.

Local 6 learned on Friday Attorney Juan Lynum, Daisy Lynum's son, filed to run for city commissioner of District 5, Orlando.

On Monday, Daisy Lynum announced at a city commission meeting she is retiring and she "delightfully and joyfully" endorses her son.

"I believe in District 5 and I know we have so many men and women who are very capable of doing this job," said Daisy Lynum. "But right now, he's the only one in this race to do that and of course I completely support him."

Earlier Monday, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Daisy Lynum said, "There is no way I would allow those two thugs to proceed in the election by themselves," referring to challengers Regina Hill and Cynthia Harris.

Both challengers told Local 6 they are deeply offended by the use of the word "thugs."

"I find it disheartening that our City Commissioner Daisy Lynum would profile me as a thug when she was the one who didn't want Juan Lynum, now the candidate, profiled as a thug one morning in the Parramore area," said Hill.

Hill referred to an incident in 2006 where the Lynums claimed racial profiling. As Juan Lynum was being pulled over by police, he called his mother, who called the chief of police. Daisy Lynum said she was afraid her son might be shot or stunned with a Taser by some "white boy" officer.

"I'm very dismayed that someone that's been a nurse for 23 years, that is a veteran, that goes out and helps the homeless, that helps rebuild seniors homes, is a thug," said Hill. "There needs to be more thugs in the world."

"Character assassination is typical on the part of Commissioner Lynum," said Harris. "I'm not surprised, but I wish her well on her retirement and I look forward to serving the people of District 5."

Local 6 attempted to contact Juan Lynum several times for an interview Monday. He did not return calls or tweets.

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