'Dancing Grizzlies' star in educational video

Bears rubbing against tree garner more than 630,000 views

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KANANASKIS, Canada - An educational video from a Canadian national park has turned into a viral sensation thanks to a group of bears being called the "dancing grizzlies."


"Alberta Parks" posted the video, titled "What goes on when you are not there," on YouTube as part of a collaborative study. Researchers wanted to observe interactions in a multi-species habitat within the mountainous landscape of Kananaskis Country.

Park workers placed a video camera in a secluded section of the forest and recorded what happened when no humans were around.

Workers quickly discovered the grizzly bears would be the stars of the video because of their infatuation with a tree. In fact, one of the grizzlies found the tree, alerted its family and brought them to it.

The bears rub against the tree for several minutes, switch positions and at times roll on the ground around the tree.

As of Wednesday morning, the video had garnered more than 630,000 views.

Dancing Bears

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