Darth Vader hot air balloon takes to the skies

Star Wars-themed balloon flies in Australia

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer

CANBERRA, Australia - If you're a fan of Star Wars, this is the hot air balloon for you.

The Darth Vader hot air balloon took to the skies in Canberra, Australia on Saturday as part of the 2013 Canberra Balloon Spectacular that runs through March 17th.

It's quite a spectacle, as seen in this YouTube video.

The balloon is jointly owned by Benoit and Michel Lambert of Belgium. They had it made back in 2007, after originally wanting to make a balloon shaped like the Death Star.

In order to get the balloon made, they needed to get LucasFilm's approval. They then contacted a hot air balloon manufacturer in the United Kingdom to get Darth Vader underway.

It took eight weeks to make the 86-foot-high balloon. It's 69 feet wide, 78 feet deep and weighs 640 pounds.

One of the best parts about it? We're told a part of the agreement with LucasFilm, the owners are not allowed to charge for passengers...so if you're lucky enough to catch it in person, you would be able to ride in it for free.

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