Dash-cam video shown in DNA death row case

Clemente Aguirre seeks to have murder conviction thrown out

SANFORD, Fla. - Attorneys fighting to free a man from Florida's death row kicked up their efforts on Thursday by showing dashboard camera video they hope casts a shadow of doubt on his conviction.

A jury convicted Clemente "Shorty" Aguirre in 2006 for the brutal stabbing deaths of Cheryl A. Williams and Carol Bareis at their mobile home in Altamonte Springs.  Williams was stabbed 129 times, and Bareis suffered a stab wound to the heart.

Prosecutors claimed Aguirre, who lived next door, stabbed them with a knife taken from the restaurant where he worked.  His defense team claimed he had found both bodies and tried to revive them, getting their blood all over his clothes.

In court on Thursday, his new defense team showed dash-cam video from a Altamonte Springs police car where Williams' daughter Samantha can be seen yelling and screaming at the officer.

Visibly intoxicated and irate she yelled at the officer, "They died from me.  Do you understand what I'm saying?  My mother and grandmother died."

On the stand Wednesday, Williams told the court she had no recollection of saying that, nor did she remember being arrested that night.

Williams testified she has suffered from mental illness for many years and has been checked in to several psychiatric wards against her will.

She also said she and her mother fought the night before she was murdered.

Aguirre's defense team is trying to show the court that there is at least some doubt in his conviction, offering the possibility that Williams may have been the murderer.

The judge was expected to rule next week whether Aguirre's conviction should be thrown out.

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