Daytona Beach police catch serial burglar by identifying his clothes

Police say man was wearing same clothes as used in burglaries

By Loren Korn - Reporter

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A serial burglar is off the streets after Daytona Beach police said he caused thousands of dollars in damages.

Officers said they were able to catch him because of the clothes he was wearing.

"When we arrested him, he was still wearing the same clothes as he was in most of the burglaries," said Sgt. John Creamer.

Surveillance video showed 41-year-old Joel Rodriguez using a brick to break into a Church's Chicken off Orange Avenue. Sgt. Creamer also said he broke into other stores includingĀ a Bealls Outlet, two Save A Lots and a local pharmacy. Once inside, Sgt. Creamer said he'd mostly take food, beer and clothes.

"The beer and food he'd consume, the clothes and other items he would sell to feed his drug habit," said Sgt. Creamer.

Police said after arresting Rodriguez, he admitted to the break ins which cost just under $10,000 in damages. Police said it's a big deal when they pick up a serial burglar.

"The thing with property crimes is when we arrest somebody for burglary or a series of acts, it doesn't just clear up that one case, it usually clears up a dozen."

Just by arresting Rodriguez, police tell Local 6 that they were able to solve at least six cases and possibly 5 more in the near future.

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