Daytona Beach police try to solve hotel thefts with undercover sting

Sting comes after housekeeper hotel theft arrest

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Local 6 went on an undercover sting with Daytona Beach police as they tried to catch housekeepers at a hotel stealing items.

The sting comes after Shaquayla Harris, 24, was arrested last week after stealing $700 from a couple of different rooms while working at the Grand Seas Resort on Atlantic Avenue.

Police said they believe Harris had two others involved in the thefts. One has since been fired and the other never showed up to work.

On Monday, officers returned to the resort and set up a camera to see if they could catch any maids stealing money or a cellphone left out on a table.

Police caught one maid looking at the items three different times, but during the 30 minute sting, no one took the bait.

"They cleaned the room like they were supposed to, they acted appropriately and they left," said Sgt. John Creamer. "So in one way, it shows that their staff is on board and they're filled with integrity and they did the right thing and from the police department's stand point it shows that we're out here, doing what we're supposed to do and think outside the box and keep our community safe."

Police say hotel room thefts have been happening up and down Atlantic Avenue, but say it can be avoided. Police will be conducting more stings throughout the summer. Police urge residents to hide your valuables, use the hotel room safe and make sure you keep all doors shut and locked.

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