Deadliest stretch of roadway is I-4 in Seminole County

Local 6 analyzes 2.5 years worth of data to find most fatal areas

Many drivers speculate that Interstate 4 is the most dangerous roadway in Central Florida and thanks to a statewide database, that assumption can be proven.

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In fact, the stretch of I-4 that covers Seminole County is more deadly than any other portion of the highway in the state.

Using the 2011, 2012 and first quarter of 2013 Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles crash databases, a Local 6 analysis was able to determine the number of fatal crashes on each of the major interstates that run through Central Florida.

There were 55 fatal crashes on I-4 for the timeframe, 148 on I-95 and 117 on I-75 statewide.

Both 95 and 75 span more miles than I-4 so to appropriately determine which interstate earned the distinction as the most deadly, we compared the number of fatal accidents per mile of highway.

Spanning just 132 miles across Florida, Interstate 4 ranked as the most deadly with 0.41 crashes per miles.

I-95 was a close second with 0.38 crashes per mile of the 381 miles it stretches in Florida.  Interstate 75, which spans 470 miles, was a distant third with 0.24 crashes per mile.

The fatal accidents were able to be broken down by county as well, and the stretch of I-4 along Seminole County sees .64 fatal accidents for every mile it runs through the county.

Hillsborough County actually has the second deadliest stretch of I-4 with Volusia County not far behind.

The portion of Interstate 95 that runs through Miami-Dade County is actually the deadliest in the entire state, with 1 crash for every mile of the 16-mile roadway.

The Florida Department of Transportation also analyzes crash statistics annually.  According to their most recent report,  Friday is the day of the week with the most crashes.

As for time of day when drivers are most at risk, the report lists the hours of midnight and then between 4-5 p.m. as the time when the most accidents occur.

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