Decision on school uniforms irks some in Lake County

Principal at Eustis Heights Elementary School in favor of outfits

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

EUSTIS, Fla. - The decision to enforce uniforms at one Lake County elementary school has been postponed after parents say they didn't know of the change.

Earlier this month, Eustis Heights Elementary School sent a voicemail to parents encouraging students to wear uniforms this school year. However, the decision has not been voted on.

"Hello parents and staff, this year we would like to be a uniform school," said the voicemail sent to parents.

That voicemail sent some parents frantically shopping for khakis and polos, but some had already gone shopping and uniforms weren't on their list.

One parent argued, "Some parents, myself included, have already purchased our child's wardrobe for the new school year. There's no money left to buy uniforms."

"As a parent, I was not polled, asked, or even considered in the decision," said another parent at Monday's school board meeting.

The school board's plan was to decide on the idea Monday. However, many parents said they had no idea, so it was postponed while the proper protocols were followed by the school.

"What we've started to get from parents over the past week or so is that they didn't know about it and so that's something that they need to go back and address," said Lake County Schools Spokesperson Chris Patton.

Still, a number of parents arrived to the meeting ready to oppose the idea.

Scott Larson's son goes to an F-rated school.

"I have no problem with the uniform. I think it's a nice window of dressing, but we need more than window dressing for failing schools. We need substance too," argued Larson.

The voicemail ended with, "I look forward to seeing our boys and girls take pride by wearing those wonderful uniforms and we look forward to seeing all of you at school very soon."

In spite of the message, for now, those uniforms will be optional.

The issue may be taken up again as early as next month.

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