Defense cites diabetes in Kevin Satterfield murder trial

Man accused of shooting killing 2, injuring pregnant daughter

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - The defense team of Kevin Satterfield, the Osceola County man who is accused of shooting and killing his wife and his pregnant daughter's boyfriend, has cited Satterfield's blood sugar levels as possibly triggering the shootings.

Satterfield is accused of beating his disabled wife, Vicki, with a wooden bed knob before shooting her to death in her bed. 

Authorities claim Satterfield then shot his pregnant daughter, Heather, when she walked into her mother's room.  His daughter survived, and her baby was delivered a month early.

Satterfield also shot and killed his daughter's boyfriend, Christian Martinez, according to authorities.

In opening statements, the defense suggested the shootings occurred because Satterfield, who's attending the trial on a hospital bed, has diabetes. The defense said Satterfield's rampage was triggered in part by his blood sugar levels being off as a result of diabetes.

Satterfield's attorneys said his blood sugar level was 5 times above normal after his arrest and that blood sugar levels affect consciousness. After Satterfield's arrest, corrections officers found him unconscious in his jail cell and he later went into a coma at the hospital, his attorneys told the jury, suggesting Satterfield was in and out of consciousness during the shootings.

After the shootings, it was also  discovered that Satterfield also has gangrene that has spread to his testicles, the defense claimed.

Heather Satterfield testified Tuesday morning that her father shot her in the stomach and the bullet hit her unborn baby's back.

After the shooting, Heather Satterfield told detectives, "My dad didn't have any remorse on his face for any of the shots he fired."

She also told them she saw her dad packing his car before the shootings.  Detectives said he left town in his Jeep Cherokee after the incident.

U.S. marshals arrested Satterfield in Louisiana at a Super 8 Motel.  He had a gun, bloody clothes and about $4,000 in cash and gift cards, officials said.

According to court documents, when asked how the ordeal should be explained to his granddaughter when she's older, Kevin Satterfield said that he'd tell her that "her grandfather went nuts one night."

Satterfield did not give an explanation as to what set him off the day of the shootings, but claimed that he had blacked out, authorities said.

The state rested its case on Tuesday and the defense will begin presenting on Thursday. There will be no trial on Wednesday.

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