DeLand family fights man who broke into home

Father fights to push intruder out; Man faces multiple charges

DELAND, Fla. - A DeLand teenager called 911 as a man was breaking into his home early Friday morning.

Jose Bautista, 14, hid his little brothers in a closet as he was on the phone with the emergency dispatcher.

According to deputies, Chase Everson broke the window to the master bedroom and tried climbing in.

"It looked like he wanted to jump in because he was trying to back up and like jump in," said Bautista.

As they waited for deputies to arrive, Bautista's dad kept fighting to push Everson out.

"He looked drugged basically, he had no shirt, it was cold outside, his eyes were big and wide and he just kept trying to climb in," said Bautista.

When he realized he wasn't getting inside the house, Everson grabbed a ladder and climbed onto the roof.

Once deputies arrived, Everson jumped off the roof and over a fence.

According to the report, deputies had to shoot their Tasers twice to take him down.

Everson is facing resisting arrest, criminal mischief and burglary charges.

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