DeLand police warn residents about dangerous dogs

Animals blamed for killing 2 cats, 4 ducks since mid-February

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

DELAND, Fla. -

Deland police are warning residents about a pair of dangerous dogs that has killed animals in the heart of downtown.

So far, the dogs are blamed for killing at least two cats and four ducks since mid-February, but several other small animals have been reported missing.

Police are asking anyone who sees the dogs to call authorities immediately.

In at least two cases, police have spotted the dogs -- even snapped pictures of them in downtown DeLand -- but have not been able to catch them.

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Scott Krutsinger reported the dogs to police on March 11, when he awoke to the dogs viciously attacking a cat outside his house.

"The two dogs were actually fighting with a cat and quite literally pulling it apart," said Krutsinger, who added that the dogs ran away when police arrived.

Carmen Munoz and Leslie Blondell said they saw the same two dogs a week later. The women were jogging near the Volusia County courthouse, when they happened upon the dogs attacking a duck near a retention pond.

Four other ducks were found deceased nearby.

"These ducks did not die from natural causes," said Munoz. "They were attacked by those dogs."

"There was a dog on each wing and they were just pulling him, and he was flapping and trying to get away," said Blondell.

Instinctively, Blondell said she clapped her hands to free the duck.

"The dog stopped and they looked at me and kind of bristled up," said Blondell.

The dogs eventually took off, but Blondell and Munoz said they are now jogging with pepper spray for protection.

"There was a park right there and that's where children play," said Blondell. "If they can attack a duck, why not a child?"

"We're really not so much talking about a dead cat here, we're really talking about a public menace," said Krutsinger.

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