Deputies: 2 students plotted Timber Creek High School shooting spree

Students said they heard voices in their head to commit violence, say deputies

ORLANDO, Fla. - Deputies released a report on Friday about an alleged shooting spree plot that was foiled in January at an Orlando high school.

Orange County Sheriff's deputies stopped the alleged mass shooting one day before the two students planned to come to Timber Creek High School armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

According to the report, the pair plotted, secretly, through text messages.

The state attorney's office is reviewing with to pursue the suggested charges of conspiracy to commit murder for both students.

Deputies said two students, ages 15 and 16, conspired to kill an unknown number of students in mid-January, and kept a mental hit list of their potential victims.

According to the report, one of the suspects "was going to steal his father's semi-automatic rifle and pistol" and bring the guns to school. The pair is accused of devising "a plan to shoot certain students and themselves."

"All I heard was some kid had a hit list and wanted to go kill some people," said Timber Creek High School freshman, Erick Gonzalez. "I didn't really have any previous knowledge."

Deputies said the pair swore to never tell anyone about their plan, but friends noticed one of them grew hostile after Christmas break. Then, Jan. 12, one student received text messages warning about the hit list. The plot was only discovered because that student told their mother, who called authorities one day before the planned shooting.

"It does worry me," said Rosibel Monge, a parent at the school. "I didn't know the extent of the situation."

Deputies believe the two boys bonded over thoughts of suicide, hearing voices, cutting themselves, and playing violent video games. Authorities sent them into mental health evaluation under the Baker Act as soon as the plot was discovered and the teens were interviewed.

Parents think the cries for help should have been obvious.

"It's the parents' fault too," said Cinamon Tondreau, who has two daughters at the school. "They should know what's going on with their kids a little bit more."

An Orange County Public Schools spokeswoman said the principal sent out a message to all parents about the threat, as soon as it was discovered, and said the suspects are no longer students at any of the district's schools.

Deputies said no students at the school were ever harmed.

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