Deputies: Credit cards stolen from seniors in Palm Coast

Deputies say 2 women suspected of stealing from elderly residents

PALM COAST, Fla. - Two women are suspected of stealing from elderly residents of a Flagler County assisted living facility and going on a spending spree, said deputies.

It's happened at least four times at Las Palmas Independent Senior Living Community on Town Court in Palm Coast.

According to the four case records, the suspects are sneaking into people's rooms and stealing cash and credit cards, ripping off their victims to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

There are four victims so far, most in their 80's, one was 90 years old, said deputies.

"I'm mad because these are senior citizens and they don't deserve that," said Liz Hagenbruch, who is a caretaker for one of the residents. "They pay enough money to be there to be safe so that's just scary and disgusting."

Authorities released two store security videos that showed the two suspected women using the stolen cards.

In one, a lady wearing what appears to be a black and white striped shirt, walked in just like any other shopper. She goes to the checkout counter, but soon walks away after deputies said the card she stole was declined. She was bold enough to try the stolen card again at the customer service counter.

In another video clip, a woman wearing a dark tank top is seen standing next to a shopping cart outside a store. Deputies think she's also responsible for swiping credit cards and cash from victims.

Each victim reported going to lunch at the center's cafeteria and either leaving purses unattended for just moments, or leaving them in their rooms. That's when the thief snuck into their apartments and rifled through their wallets.

"I'm hoping that they get jail time," said Hagenbruch.

Unfortunately, the senior apartments do not have security cameras said deputies, and the best clue so far is video of one suspect leaving in a U-Haul.

A manager at Las Palmas told Local 6 that staff has already held a series of talks with residents to remind them how to stay safe.

Deputies said some of the victims reported leaving their apartment doors unlocked.

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