Deputies In Breedlove Shooting Exonerated

More Than 100 Bullets Fired At Car Theft Suspect

ORLANDO, Fla. - The investigation into a deadly deputy-involved shooting has been completed and the nine deputies involved have been exonerated.

In January 2010, Torey Breedlove was killed when more than 100 shots were fired at the suspected car thief's SUV.

The incident happened early in the morning at the Alta West gated apartment complex near Pine Hills.

Deputies said they fired so many shots at Breedlove, 27, because he tried to run them over.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted the criminal investigation into the shooting and state attorney Lawson Lamar presented the case to a grand jury, which found the deputies were not negligent.

According to the Sheriff's Office, one deputy will receive disciplinary action for using the wrong type of bullet in the shooting.

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