Deputies investigate reports of possible BB guns, lasers at cars

Residents say green laser shined at cars, cracks in windshield

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Volusia County deputies are looking for the person who they say is shining a laser pointer at drivers and hitting cars with a possible BB gun.

Two people reported over the weekend that they had green laser shined at them and cracks in their windshield. When the deputy arrived to help, he too was blinded with the beam, according to the report.

Dan Jones says he was coming back from a friend's house approaching the intersection of Tivoli Drive and Easy Normandy Boulevard when out of nowhere.

"It sounded like 3 fireworks going off consecutively," he said. "Either on my windshield or back of my vehicle. All of a sudden there was a huge hole like that large in my windshield and green laser pointed to my cabin."

He is not the only one, someone else called 911 reporting the same thing, blinded by a laser and hit with what what could be rocks or BBs.

"The kids were out here with a green laser, I just looked through my rearview..I just turned around," the caller told dispatchers. "Oh yeah, I got a chip in my I can see it. Yep, my windshield is shattered now..thanks, thanks boys."

After finding out he is not the only one, Dan reacts to Local 6.

"One, I'm not crazy. Two, I'd be concerned if there were other individuals with like a child in the car or if there was a family," said Jones.

Deputies say they think it's a possible BB gun, but they can't say for sure unless they found actual BBs. No word on any suspects, but one of the victims reported seeing kids in the area.

The incident is considered a crime and could lead to vandalism charges. The total cost of damage is more than $300.

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