Deputies investigate 'wild west' shootout in Orlando

Neighbor says shooting involved 'two younger dudes'

ORLANDO, Fla. - Law enforcement officers in Orlando are investigating an incident described by a neighbor as "wild west" shootout.

The shooting occurred Wednesday morning in the 1400 block of Grand Street in Orlando.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, a man stole a cellphone from the mother of his child and ran away.  Another man then fired shots at him, deputies said.

The Sheriff's Office didn't say if the suspected cellphone thief also fired shots, but a neighbor said there was a shootout.

"Two younger dudes, older than teenagers, (had) a conflict.  They pulled out guns and started shooting at each other," the neighbor said.  "(It was like the ) wild, wild west, John Wayne. Pow, pow, pow -- there were six or seven shots."

The neighbor said the shooters then ran in opposite directions.

"I guess they ran out of bullets," the neighbor said.

Deputies continue to search for both men for charges of armed Robbery and opening fire into the street.

The victim is being questioned by deputies.

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