Deputies search for pillowcase bandits in Brevard County home burglaries

Burglars ring doorbell, then break into homes, deputies say

VIERA, Fla. - Brevard County deputies are searching for the burglars they say break into homes after ringing your doorbell and use a pillowcase to steal small items.

Brevard County deputies say there have been 10 burglaries in the Crystal Lake Subdivision in the past month. It's such a high priority, that there are extra deputies on the streets in the Suntree and Viera areas of Brevard County.

"A lot of people are freaked out, they're uncomfortable with this. No one likes to be violated," said Leslie Straus-Fowler, is Vice President of the Homeowner's Association. "We're putting out email blasts to residents letting them know what happened and in what neighborhoods."

Deputies say the burglars ring the door-bell and if someone comes to the door they'll ask if they need any odd jobs done.

If no one answers, they break-in through a glass door behind the house.

After a young woman was confronted with a gun inside her home last week, deputies said aren't taking any chances and have beefed up patrols in the area

They've released a sketch of the man who they believe is responsible, but admit he's not working alone.

Steve Stiner says because of the burglaries he's going to get an alarm system, but it doesn't take away the concern of who could be hit next.

"If they're getting bold enough to break into a house with dogs barking are they gonna get bold and break into a house with elderly people?" Stiner said.

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