Dispatcher helps man deliver baby inside house

Voice of dispatcher helped guide father through birth with wife

ORLANDO, Fla. - A father called 911 this week as his wife delivered their baby boy inside their home. The parents said they are grateful to the 911 dispatcher who helped them deliver it.

Marco Lozada, a second-time father, said this time, he's trying to deliver his second son in the master bedroom of his home.

"What is going on sir?" said the dispatcher.

"My wife is having a baby," said Lozada.

The at home delivery turned more dramatic, says Lozada, when the umbilical cord wrapped around the newborn's neck.

"I had the added work of having to get that off and around his neck and once I did that, he took a breath, opened his eyes and started crying," said Lozada. "I almost break down in tears just talking about it. It is very emotional."

"At that time, I am just laying down screaming," said his wife, Tonyou. "I could not hear anything!"

Lozada said the voice of the dispatcher walking him through this nerve-wracking process was the calming force.

For nine years, Jody said she has been a dispatcher. She said this was the first time delivering a baby over the phone.

"He took the cord around the neck and there was a big strong cry," said Jody. "That is when our units arrived, thank goodness."

On Friday, Jody was able to meet the baby she helped bring into this world and his grateful parents.

The Lozado's said each of them had a starring role. Even 3-year-old Evan unlocked two locks, turned the handle to open the door he's never been allowed to open for the very first time, to let the paramedics in.

"My husband, he is Superman. My superhero," said Tonyou.

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