Divers find lost engagement ring in water

Australian man drops ring during proposal

MELBOURNE, Australia - Things couldn't have gone much worse the first time around for an Australian man on bended knee.

"Rod" accidentally dropped his engagement ring into the water as he asked his girlfriend Sarah to spend the rest of their lives together. He dove off of the pier to try and find the ring but came up empty-handed.

Rod had assumed the ring was a lost cause. However, when Network Ten News in Australia caught wind of the story, it hired a team of divers to search for the ring.

Sure enough, one of the divers found the ring about 10 feet underwater, around the same area where Rod had dropped it.

"I'm so happy for the girl when she gets here," the diver who found the ring told Network Ten News.

With the ring returned, Rod got a second chance at his proposal.

"Will you marry me after all of this?" asked Rod.

Through her laughter, Sarah quickly said yes.

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