DMV seeks redesign of Fla. license plates

Officials say new designs are easier to read, will save money

The state of Florida wants to spend $31 million next year to replace all license plates in Florida with ones that are easier to read.

The new proposed designs show the fruit in the corner and not underneath the characters, which the DMV says has been a problem for toll readers, red light cameras and police officers in trying to read the plates.

The state loses about $7 million a year in wrongly read tags, or tags that aren't read at all. About 1 in 6 pass through the scanners.

But residents Local 6 spoke with weren't happy about the changes.

"I mean look at that, the state of Florida, and the orange, that's Florida," said Donna, a lifelong Florida resident.

When Local 6 showed Susan Cassinelli the proposed plate, she wasn't impressed.

"Boring, unordinary," Cassinelli said. "Nothing to set it apart from any other state."

Gov. Rick Scott must sign off on the proposed new license plates, but residents will vote on the final design.

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