Documents reveal affair between missing Volusia Co. mom, co-worker

Investigation reveals accused killer was right about wife having affair

DELAND, Fla. - New documents released Monday by the State Attorney's Office reveal Yessenia Suarez was having an affair with a co-worker before her husband, Luis Toledo, allegedly killed her and her two children.

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In investigative reports from detectives, Suarez' co-worker Kevin Dredden admits the two were having an affair. He says they had gone together on a business trip out of state on which "he knew they were going to end up sleeping together."

Dredden said they were planning another tryst when they returned. That was just one week before Suarez and her children, Michael and Thalia Otto, went missing.

According to the documents, on Oct. 22, the day before Suarez' mother reported her missing, Dredden said Toledo confronted him and Suarez at their job at American K9 in Lake Mary.

Dredden said Toledo found out about the affair in text messages he and Suarez had exchanged. He even told investigators they had a secret texting code, which would allow the other to know when it was "safe" to call.

Lake Mary police accused Toledo of slapping Suarez during the confrontation.

Dredden said later that night, he received several text messages from Suarez that were strange. Suarez later explained they had been written by Toledo. Dredden said he warned Suarez "nothing positive was going to come of her being home that night." He even told detectives he relayed his worry to Suarez that Toledo would come after him, but she shrugged it off, saying "she would be the one that would have to look out."

In one final text message, Dredden said Suarez apologized to him about what happened the night of Oct. 22. He says that's the last he heard from Suarez.

On Oct. 23, Suarez' mother reported her and the children missing. Toledo admitted to killing Suarez, but never told investigators where her body is. He has denied killing the children, but prosecutors have charged him with first-degree murder in their deaths.

Toledo will be back in court for an arraignment on those charges Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

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