Dog finds mystery purse in field

Police looking for owner

CLERMONT, Fla. - A strange mystery had police a little baffled after a dog found a woman's purse in the middle of a field.

Kai, a Great Dane, was in the backyard of her Clermont home with her owner when something spooked the 3-year-old pooch.

"She was pouncing at it and pouncing at it and pouncing at it and barking, alerting, and so I came over to see what she was looking at, and it was the purse," said Kai's owner, Pam Lang.

The purse was found lying in some brush near Shady Nook Lake.

Lang said the City of Clermont recently cut down the brush in that area, and despite walking by the lake regularly, she had never spotted the purse before. Lang said it appeared the purse had been there for years.

Inside the purse, Lang found several credit cards, a set of rusted keys and a Walt Disney World ID.

"There was also some kind of pen, like maybe a diabetic pen or an EpiPen," said Lang.

Lang called Clermont police, who launched an investigation.

According to a police report, the Disney ID belonged to an Amy N. Edwards.

Police ran Edwards' name through their crime database, but did not find any matches.

They also identified a home address for an Amy N. Edwards about five miles from where the purse was found, but when officers knocked on the door, the person who answered said they'd lived there for years, and didn't know anyone by that name.

Lang now wonders what her dog Kai may have sniffed out, but that investigators have yet to solve.

"That was behavior that I'd never seen in three years," said Lang. We've been in woods, we've been around this lake, and this was completely different behavior. More of an alert behavior, more of alerting that there's something going on."

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